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These eco-friendly half pint glasses are made from food safe, 100% post-consumer waste. These include items such as water and soda bottles, using carefully selected 100% recycled material, guaranteeing a high quality product with excellent clarity.

The material is collected from events and festivals and then cleaned and re-ground before being used in manufacturing again, ensuring this valuable material has a second use and diverts it from landfill, our rivers, streams and oceans. The material is sourced from an EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) registered supplier in accordance with EU282/2008 regulation on recycled plastic materials.

Please ensure you recycle after use and help create a circular economy. These cups are 100% recyclable; PET is the world's most recycled plastic and can be used to re-manufacture a wide range of goods.

Manufactured from 100% Post-Consumer Waste = No plastic packaging tax.

Excellent eco credentials. Made from recycled plastic and easily recyclable
Why Recycled? There are so many benefits to using products made from
recycled material. Misleading environment claims are uneccesary. Recycling is
easy to understand, easy to explain, and easy to do. Here are four big wins for
recycled cups:
1. Preserving Natural Resources. If you use recycled products, you play
significant role in driving the circular economy for the materials we recycle at
home. This reduces the demand for virgin material and preserves our precious
natural resources.
2. Not Contributing to Global Heating. In their manufacture, recycled cups use
less water and less energy than cups made from virgin material. Additionally, the
process emits no methane. Therefore, using 100% recycled cups reduces
emission of the gasses that cause global heating.
3. Reducing Waste. Recycling these cups is easy. They can be recycled at home or almost anywhere. And because they are a clean and uncoloured source,
you can be confident that they will be made in to new recycled products – not incinerated or sent to landfill. Using and recycling these cups reduces the waste.
4. Preventing Contamination. These cups can be trusted. They do not contain additives that cause them to ‘biodegrade’ meaning that they don’t pollute the
environment with microplastics or unwelcome residue.
These straightforward benefits make 100% recycled pint and half pint cups a great choice… and one that you can trust.


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100% rPET UKCA Recyclable & Recycled Plastic Half Pint-to-rim 284ml (sleeve of 50)

Product Code CUPDT300RP100

In stock. 1 unit = 50 glasses. Paper Sip-thru lids available see related products below (size small).