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Biodegradable Flexy-Glass Pint-to-rim 568ml (sleeve of 50)
Biodegradable Flexy-Glass Pint-to-rim 568ml (sleeve of 50)
Biodegradable Flexy-Glass Pint-to-rim 568ml (sleeve of 50)
Biodegradable Flexy-Glass Pint-to-rim 568ml (sleeve of 50)
Biodegradable Flexy-Glass Pint-to-rim 568ml (sleeve of 50)

Product Description

This revolutionary TWOinONE Flexy-Glasses enable single use polypropylene to break down into a wax like structure returning the material to nature. So ground breaking and phenomenal is the development that the HRH Prince of Wales selected the product as part of his Terra Carta brand, which was showcased for the first time at Kelvingrove Gallery in Glasgow, at COP26.

King Charles commented...“brilliant ideas like this come from realising that nature has worked out how to fix most of the problems we face”. 

The tumblers made from this material can either be collected and recycled or if for some reason they become part of the fugitive plastic waste stream, which is approximately 32% of all plastics, that’s about 2 billion tonnes, they will biodegrade in less than a year, without any micro plastic being present.

Importantly if fugitive plastic can be reduced on land, it will automatically reduce the amount of plastic that enters rivers and oceans, thereby improving the marine environment.This is what makes it different to other technologies that leave plastic fragments or particles, and therefore are not truly biodegradable. The new material Is Reinforced by the British standard BSI PAS 9017 which independently verifies that the plastic biodegrades.

What happens if the cup is not recycled...

  • Material is engineered to degrade in a pre-set amount of time.
  • Typical conditions on land enable for the process to take effect.
  • The plastic fully biodegrades leaving behind no toxins or microplastics.
  • This process is called ‘BIOTRANSFORMATION’.

The benefits

  • 100% Recyclable - PRE / RecyClass Compliant
  • FULLY Biodegradable - New BSI Biodegradation standard (PAS 9017)
  • Made in the UK - Low carbon footprint
  • Breaks down if accidentally disposed of on land in an open environment, without causing effect to land - No microplastic or toxins
  • Fully biodegrade within 1 year of its service life
  • Printable
  • Ideal solution for any outdoor events or large venues

What is Biotransformation®?

It is a new technology that ensures that products and materials that escape the recycling system can
safely degrade in the open air environment when exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes.
This new technology will allow it to biodegrade into water, CO2 and biomass, leaving no microplastics or plastic polution behind.

What is left after biodegradation?

All that is left is carbon dioxide, water & biomass.


bsi Biodegradation standard (PAS 9017) What is this standard?...In simple terms, the standard measures if
products made with IE Polymateria’s masterbatch will biodegrade in open air environment without leaving harm in the natural environment (microplastics and toxins). It also specifies that in the process of biodegradation plastic should turn to wax.

What is the expected product’s total storage life? Approx. 2 years under normal storage conditions.

Can the product only start to biodegrade once removed from the box? Yes, but there are many variables. It will start to degrade once outside of the box, if exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes.

What is the raw material? High quality food-grade polypropylene.

Is the technology the same as oxo-biodegradable? Absolutely Not. Unlike Oxo-degradable, Biotransformation builds on the synergetic action of UV, air, heat, moisture and microbes to chemically transform the product into bioavailable oligomeric residue. The process is microplastic-free and does not leave any harmful substances behind.

How does this compare to PLA cups? Unlike PLA, which requires Industrial Composting, no special facilities are required for this product to biodegrade. Further more our TwoinOne Flexy-Glass can be recycled.


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Biodegradable Flexy-Glass Pint-to-rim 568ml (sleeve of 50)

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