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Biodegradable Plant Fibre Disposable Cups 260ml

Biodegradable Plant Fibre Disposable Cups 260ml

Biodegradable Plant Fibre Disposable Cups 260ml

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Product Information

This is the only cup made from a sustainable material (plant fibre), that (unlike biodegradable plastic) will break down in natural conditions into a safe, non-toxic biomass.

Unfortunately, there is no type of 'biodegradable plastic' that disappears like an apple core or a banana skin. If you leave a PLA plastic cup on the ground or in the sea, it will remain there for years, just like ordinary plastic. Similarly, an 'oxo-biodegradable' plastic cup will appear to break down, but remain as plastic sludge - an arguably worse source of pollution.

Therefore, if you want the convenience of a disposable cup but want to go plastic-free, this cup is the way to go. It may not be transparent but, being made from plant fibre, it is the only disposable cup that is genuinely non-polluting.

Additionally, this cup is the only cup that you can compost at home. How long that takes will depend on the conditions. It is expected that it should break down in the same timescale as woody plant material (1-2 years) but keen gardeners will know that a hot and wet compost heap will break down plant fibre very much sooner that.

Description: Genuinely biodegradable disposable cups suitable for home composting.
Material: Cellulose (plant fibre)
Rim Diameter: 82mm
Height: 90mm
Brim Capacity: 260ml (9oz)


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